Can you tell us something about 4-D AG?

We- Jan Pieter and Elizabeth de Vries- established our company 4-D Ag World from the Netherlands together with our son Jack who lives in Amarillo, Texas. The company focusses on the sales of stable layouts, stable rubber and little jackets for calves in the United States. 4-D stands for 4x Devries (and the maiden name of Elizabeth, Dijkstra). Ag stands for Agricultural World. We moved to India in 2011 for four years to complete a project in the agricultural sector. Jan Pieter established big dairy farms for Indian multinationals. Back home in the Netherlands we were looking for our next challenge. The Indian company was adapting the stable layout Jan Pieter had designed and made for the project in India. Because of this a very fruitful collaboration was born in the development and sales of ‘state of the art’ stable layouts. The challenge was to get all the products sold in the United States. Jan Pieter has a big network in the United States in the agricultural market, since he had lived for ten years in Texas and Wisconsin. His three kids are still living in Texas. The eldest son Jack has the same entrepreneurial spirit as his dad and he has a big network in the agricultural world in Texas as well. He was very enthusiastic to set up the company with his dad. The second son Bram is an agricultural entrepreneur together with his wife in Wisconsin. With Texas and Wisconsin, we cover the largest agricultural states. The agricultural market is big in the United States, but at the same time it is really a small world when you know a lot of people in the business. Daughter Liz lives together with her husband in Ohio and is also good in promoting the agricultural business. Elizabeth works for 4-D in the Netherlands and is responsible for the marketing and pr. The newest addition to the products of 4-D is a collection of clothes you can wear when you go milking, but also clothes for kids en T-shirts for the US market. All these clothes are used on a farm and there is a huge sales market for these kinds of products. All the clothes are made in India.


Why did 4D-AG choose to open an office in Texas?

At this moment, we are building a distribution center and office space in Amarillo, Texas. We chose Texas because Jack resides in Amarillo. Other reasons are the big dairy farms in Panhandle and the fact that a lot of our clients in central Texas are reachable within a day. Amarillo will be the warehouse and distribution center for a big part of our stable layouts, the complete stock of the web shop ‘AG Fashion’ and ‘Calf Fashion’ and the other fashion.


What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

In the agricultural business, it is very important to visit your potential clients and to be visible. That’s why 4-D is present and visible at multiple exhibits throughout the US. Online marketing is also very important nowadays and the right delivery of the products is also a good promotion for you company. During the start-up phase of 4-D it was not always possible to deliver the products within a short period of time. This will improve drastically when we are able to distribute the products from Amarillo. There are moments we have to get used to the culture. Dutch people can be very direct, which is not common in the United States. It is very important to build a network you can rely on. It is way easier to do business for a second time with a satisfied customer. A big part of our customers has Dutch roots, which is easier to connect. We are looking forward to a bright future with our company in Texas. Make sure you check out our Facebook page or our website abd very soon you’ll be able to find us on

Jan Pieter, Elizabeth & Jack de Vries
4-D Ag World
Amarillo Texas

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