Some practical insights

Thursday, October 26, 2017 | Location: NBSO 

Albert Knigge, Houthoff Buruma

Together with Houthoff the NBSO organized a luncheon about the practical insights on the Dutch class action system and its implications for class action suits in the United States. In post-Harvey Houston we witness that class action litigation poses increased risks and challenges for American and international businesses. Albert Knigge, who heads the Houthoff practice group, is specialized in defense litigation in class actions and he will discuss the threats and opportunities of the Dutch class action system.

Since Morisson v. National Australia Bank, foreign investors have been looking for non-US jurisdictions to bring their class actions. They have discovered that the Dutch legal system is one of the most liberal European legal systems in offering opportunities for this type of actions.

Since 2005 a number of cross border opt-out based class settlements have been reached and approved by Dutch courts. Currently a draft bill is pending, introducing an opt-out based class action system in the Netherlands that will make it possible to claim damages on behalf of the members of a class, irrespective of the type of claim and the place of residence of the members of the class.

If you have questions about the Dutch class action system you can contact Carmen Bakas. She is the representative for Houthoff in Houston: +1 713 335 01 39 or send an email:

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