Where do we go from here?

December 6, 2017 | Originally posted by Houston Chronical, David Hunn and Ryan Handy

After Harvey left the Houston region flooded with water, the big questions came: What can we do to reduce damage from future floods? How can we protect the area?

The Houston Chronicle discussed options in a public forum, visited by more than 500 people who are somehow involved. During this seminar a lot of options were suggested. The two most important points made were:

  • A new perspective is needed: We have to stop fighting the flooding threat, instead we should learn to live with it. So, five years from now, people should look to Houston and Harris County, instead of the Netherlands.
  • A third reservoir should be build, that will serve as a first threshold against flooding.

What are your opinions about preventing such damage by a flood?
What do you think would be best for Houston and Harris County?

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