Can you tell us something about ZuluDesk?

ZuluDesk is a low cost, state of the art, Mobile Device Management (MDM) System designed for education. Our company has its roots within a school where our solution was developed and tested. ZuluDesk started in 2015 and now has schools using our MDM solution in over 40 countries. Next to ZuluDesk we have a MDM solution for small and medium businesses called Xinca. We have users like banks, automotive customers, hospitals, healthcare businesses, architects, etc.

We want to help schools and businesses with device deployment, secure use of devices and app management for all Apple devices. Therefor we have continuous updates and development for our system and we are ready implementing new features when they are released by Apple (often zero-day release). 

Why did ZuluDesk decide to open an office in Austin?

ZuluDesk works together with Apple to provide innovative solutions to schools, parents, and IT professionals. With the continually growing field of education technology, we were slated to open up a new office in Austin, Texas. The Apple departments that we work with are located in Austin. Because of this relationship and the central location in the United States we have chosen for Austin.

What advice can you give to Dutch companies who want to do business in Texas?

Starting a business in the United States requires you to plan ahead and have a lot of patience. Especially when you’ve got an employee moving with the company as well. Be aware that the process of getting a visa might take months, or even more than a year. Besides that we’ve got some great tips and advice from NBSO, so we would definitely recommend contacting them!

If you want to learn more about ZuluDeks, visit our website: and   

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