It is a big and exciting step for you and your company to do business in the United States. The Netherlands is a fixture in the top 5 of the largest foreign investors in the US, and maintains its place as the No. 1 destination for American investments abroad. With your decision to start a business in the US, you will follow fellow Dutch entrepreneurs who are very successful in the United States. The embassy, consulates and the NBSO can help you get started.

The American embassy can help you out with your questions regarding visa.

For practical, strategic, legal or tax related questions on exporting to the US, the Knowlegde- and Advice center of Fenedex will help you out.

If you are an exporter in the technical industry, entrepreneurial organization FME can give you support specified on your sector of interest.

If you start exporting goods and business, a whole new world opens up in front of you. You will explore foreign markets and dive into the local business culture. If you need information and advice for this quest, internationaal ondernemen can help you out.

You can consult a consultant international trade from the chamber of commerce (KvK) on your business plans to invest abroad. During an intake you are able to elaborate more on your plans and ask all your questions.

Are you an exporter in the metallurgic industry? Check out how the Metaalunie can give you support specified on this sector.

The Netherlands- American Chamber of Commerce - in our case: Texas Chapter- (NACCTX) was initiated by Dutch and American entrepreneurs in Houston. The aim of the Chamber is to enhance the trade and cultural relations between Texas and the Netherlands. 

The ‘Nederlandse Export Combinatie’ has been active in the world of international business for years now and operates around the globe.

Which opportunities do foreign markets offer for your product or service? When you look at ‘landeninformatie’ on our website you will find extensive information on markets, opportunities and rules and regulations for every possible country of your interest. We can also help you out with practical information focused on first time exporters, customized financial advice, personal assistance and a calendar for all the events to create a corporate network.

The Greater Houston Partnership has more than 1200 member companies who want to be involved in the growth and development of Houston. Business leaders from the greater Houston area all collaborate to make sure Houston is the best place to live, work and do business in.