As NBSO our aim is to promote and enhance the economic ties between Texas and the Netherlands. By doing this we can increase your opportunities on the US market!

The NBSO has an active and widespread network containing numerous US companies, industry associations and governmental organizations. We offer practical support to Dutch companies who wanted to become active on the US market, but of course we also offer our services to companies who are already active in Texas.

The services we can deliver to you:

  • Providing clear information on the Texas market and the opportunities for Dutch companies to be part of this market.
  • ‘Informatie op Maat’ (customized market information): an information file or a comparison between countries with concrete, reliable and actual information.
  • We offer support in identifying and introducing potential business partners through a business partner scan, the so called ‘zakenpartnerscan’.
  • Organizing of diverse activities to realize your business opportunities and to strengthen the market position of the Dutch companies in Texas, like: 
    • Trademissions
    • Matchmaking
    • Seminars
    • Conferences
    • Networking receptions
  • Referrals to relevant institutions and agencies, like industry organizations.
  • Promotion of the commercial image of the Netherlands in Texas (Holland Branding)

No matter if you are looking for more generic or very specific market information, partners, customers or access to important organization, we would love to serve you. You can -totally non-committal- contact us at or by calling +1 8329004949.



December 20, 2017
December 17, 2017