The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) has a vacancy for the position of Deputy representative NBSO in Houston, Texas.


Basic information

Job title:                             Deputy Representative (DR)
Department / position:        Netherlands Business Support Office Texas
Number of hours:               40


General characteristics
  • The DR is primarily charged with gathering and issuing relevant market information.
  • The DR advises Dutch companies during their exploration of the local market.
  • The DR investigates export and investment opportunities for Dutch companies and informs  RVO and other relevant parties.
  • The DR maintains a network of contacts for the necessary information in order to follow developments in this regard.
  • The DR supports the Chief Representative (CR) in the organization of promotional activities.
  • The DR assists in the organization and guidance of delegations, trade missions and visitors’ programs.
  • The DR reports directly to the CR.
  • The DR assists the CR in carrying out the daily tasks for the NBSO office.
  • The DR makes an important contribution to office administration.


Indicative range of duties
  • Trade mediation (by phone or email) for Dutch companies
  • Issuing of current market information in the NBSO's working area;
  • Independent implementation of the service package for individual Dutch companies, including Business Partner Scans, Customised Information and Market Introduction Files.


  • Providing Dutch companies with information on the local developments and trade opportunities by means of sector reports.
  • Registration of all activities and services of NBSO in Achilles.

Promotional activities

  • Contributing in the organization of: Holland Promotion activities, informative export meetings and seminars, visitors’ programs for official delegations, business organizations and trade missions.
  • Keeping the website and other promotional resources up-to-date.

Management of the office

  • Assuming the daily responsibilities for the office during periods when the CR is absent.
  • Ensuring that the office adheres to local legislation.
  • Ensuring that suppliers and service providers are paid on time.
  • Forwarding the monthly financial report, which is prepared by the CR, to RVO.
  • Ensuring that financial audits and internal and external evaluations can be facilitated.


Knowledge & skills
  • Professional and intellectual ability: Higher Professional Education
  • Level of experience: 3-4 years of relevant experience is required.
  • Affinity with the Dutch economy / Dutch trade and industry.
  • Knowledge of the local and regional economy of Texas is required.
  • Fluent in the host country's language, in written and spoken word.
  • Knowledge of English is required and knowledge of Dutch is an advantage.
  • Experience in working in trade and industry and / or with the government is a plus.
  • Skilled in responding to questions in writing and verbally.
  • Experience in the organization of meetings.
  • Prepared to travel to the Netherlands once in a while, or to travel locally/regionally.
  • Proper social and communicative skills.
  • Businesslike disposition.


  • With Dutch and local businesses.
  • With Dutch and local authorities and governments.
  • With the Embassy in general and with the employees of the Economic network in particular.
  • With the NBSO thuisbasis and other RVO departments in The Hague.
  • With other NBSO offices.
Work environment
  • The NBSO team consists of two employees. The DR is employed under the CR.
  • The geographical area is Texas.
  • The DR's position is limited in terms of independence. The DR must be able, however, to replace the CR during short periods (holidays).

Are you the perfect candidate for this position, call +1 832 709 6200 or email Saskia Pardaans, Chief Representative NBSO.